Dean of Students

Student Affairs at UAH creates opportunities for students to engage in a diverse community of learners characterized by a supportive campus environment that encourages individual growth and development. This mission is accomplished through comprehensive programs and services focused on student learning and success. Through the Dean of Students office, the interpretation and administration of the Code of Student Conduct takes place. The Code of Student Conduct protects students' rights and assists students in their awareness of their obligations and responsibilities in being part of the University community.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center, under the direction of the Dean of Students, at UAH provides specialized professional services designed to assist students in their academic, personal, and social development. Many students encounter personal difficulties that affect the course of their collegiate experience. The Counseling Center provides short-term therapy to help students cope with stress and/or learn new skills. Counseling services are available to all students currently enrolled in 3 or more credits at UAH. The staff is committed to meeting the needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Services are confidential and in accordance with the ethical guidelines of the American Psychological Association. Information from counseling sessions does not go on a student's academic record and is not released to any other individuals (on campus or off) without the student's written permission—except in rare situations as mandated by law. Students come in for a variety of concerns such as relationships, self-esteem, time management, anxiety, family concerns, depression, stress management, and many other concerns. See our webpage at for more information. To schedule an appointment, contact the Counseling Center at 256.824.6203.

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services (DSS) is committed to ensuring access to educational opportunity for all qualified students with disabilities. Any student who has a documented condition that substantially limits his or her learning activities can request coordination of appropriate academic support services. DSS collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to ensure appropriate services are provided to students registered with our office.

Students must self-identify to be eligible for accommodations and other disability services on campus. However, the student can choose whether or not to register for services. Disability support services are provided in accordance with federal law. To be eligible for services, students must provide documentation of disability from an appropriate practitioner. See our webpage at or contact DSS for more information. To schedule an appointment contact our office at 256.824.1997 or come by Wilson Hall 128.

Office of International Services

The Office of International Services (OIS) prepares students, faculty and staff for success in today's globally interconnected world through international study, research, teaching, service, and experience and through opportunities for intercultural engagement that foster strengthened awareness and understanding among people of different cultures. The purpose of OIS is to promote campus and community internationalization and to provide central administrative support for a wide-ranging network of international initiatives. Through the Office of International Student & Scholar Services, the Intensive Language & Culture Program, and the Office of International Programs, the OIS coordinates programs and services that extend the university to our local and global communities. The OIS is located in the Student Services Building, Room 218; phone 256.824.6055.

Undergraduate Minority Mentoring Program

The Office of Undergraduate Minority Student Mentoring at UAH fosters student success through personal mentoring and leadership development for underrepresented students which will increase opportunities for student engagement across the campus community. The peer mentoring relationship is designed to foster a network of support for first year students of African-American and Hispanic descent at UAH. Mentors serve as peer support personnel for these freshmen (Mentees) and share program goals and responsibilities aimed at ensuring the retention of these particular student groups. This office is located in Charger Union 201; phone 256.824.2775.

Student Health Services

The services of the Student Health Center are available to students enrolled for the current semester. Services available include treatment of illnesses and injuries, preventive health care, lab testing, immunizations and health counseling. There is a nominal fee for an office visit with additional minimum charges for laboratory testing, immunizations, and medications. The Student Health Center is located in Wilson Hall 325. The center is open Monday through Friday 8:15 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. For more information call 256.824.6775 or visit our website

Tuberculosis Screening and Immunization Requirements

Immunization Requirements

The University of Alabama in Huntsville requires all students born after 1956 to have had 2 does of measles (rubeola) vaccine. One dose must have been a Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine. Students ages 30 and older may submit evidence of one dose of MMR if the dose was received after 1980. A copy of a lab report showing proof of immunity to measles (rubeola), mumps, and rubella may be submitted in lieu of the vaccine. 

A meningitis vaccination within the past 5 years is required for all first time freshman and all students living in on-campus residence halls.

Tuberculosis Screening

Domestic students are required to complete a Tuberculosis Screening form. Tuberculosis testing may be required for domestic students based upon the information provided on the screening form.

International students are required to have a Tuberculosis test. The test must be administered in the United States within 12 months of the student's most recent arrival to campus. TB screening tests are administered upon your arrival to campus at the Student Health Center.

Documentation Requirements

All new students admitted to The University of Alabama in Huntsville must provide a completed Tuberculosis Screening and Immunization Requirements form which is signed by a physician or authorized individual. The physician's license number or clinic stamp must also be recorded on the form for verification purposes. The form and instructions for completion can be found at the Student Health Center website at Forms, along with any necessary attachments, should be uploaded to the Student Health Patient Portal submitted to:

The University of Alabama in Huntsville
Student Health Center
Wilson Hall 325
301 Sparkman Drive
Huntsville, AL 35899
256.824.6722 (Fax)

Please note: The requirements noted above are for new students being admitted to The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Individual colleges, e.g. College of Nursing, may have additional immunization requirements.