Course Placement and Placement Testing

All students who are beginning college-level course work in English, Mathematics, World Languages and Cultures, and Chemistry are placed at the level best suited to their academic preparation and background. Initial placements are determined by a combination of factors depending on the subject area. ACT scores and high school grades determine placement in English. Students who were placed into EH 101S may opt to take the Composition Placement Test for entry into EH 101. Students may call Testing Services at 256.824.6725 to schedule an appointment to take the Composition Placement Test. This test may only be taken once.

ACT scores, AP Calculus exam scores, and/or previous college level mathematics courses (which have been accepted by the Math Department for transfer credit) determine placement in Mathematics. Students who have no means of math placement can take the Mathematics Placement Test. See here for online test registration. This test may be taken twice.

ACT Math scores determine placement in Chemistry. 

Students with prior knowledge of French, German, or Spanish may demonstrate competence at an advanced level in five ways:

  1. performance on a computer-based placement test,
  2. high school coursework,
  3. CLEP examination,
  4. AP examination, or
  5. native language experience.

Students should contact the World Languages and Cultures department at 256.824.6871 or 256.824.1022 to inquire about their placement policies.

Students will be notified at the time of the tests when they can expect to receive the test results. There is no charge for the Composition Placement Test, Foreign Language Placement Test, or Mathematics Placement Test. If a student has not received initial course placements before enrollment, he or she should contact the Office of Admissions.

Credit by Examination

UAH recognizes credit by examination and credit for several types of out-of-class experiences. Credit hours earned by examination and/or out-of-class experiences are not considered UAH institutional coursework and, therefore, may not be applied towards fulfillment of:

  • the minimum of 50 percent of the coursework required to earn a bachelor’s degree must be earned at a bachelor’s degree granting institution (four-year college or university)
  • the minimum of 25 percent of the coursework required for the degree must be earned in residence at The University of Alabama in Huntsville

There are four alternatives by which a student may gain credit through examination at UAH:

  1. departmental examinations,
  2. the Advanced Placement (AP) Program,
  3. the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), or
  4. International Baccalaureate (IB).

Credit by examination is not granted in the following cases:

  1. if a student has been enrolled in a comparable course for more than three weeks,
  2. to remove a failure already recorded for a course, or
  3. to satisfy the residency requirement for graduation.

Credit by Department Examination

Departmental examinations for credit in specific courses may be given by a department upon application by the student and with the approval of the Department Chair. Students may apply for such a test if they have taken college-level work in secondary school, in a non-collegiate class or on a tutorial basis, or through private study. Credit, if awarded, will be recorded without grades or quality points and will not, therefore, be included in the calculation of the grade point average. The amount of credit allowable through departmental examinations is determined by the appropriate academic dean and the department chair concerned.

Departments offering credit by examination on tests constructed by the department:

Civil Engineering CE 211, CE 284
Computer Science All 100 and 200 level courses
Electrical and Computer Engineering CPE 211
Foreign Languages Contact Department Chair
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering MAE 211
Music MU 100, MU 201, MU 203
Nursing NUR 220
Philosophy PHL 103, PHL 320
Psychology PY 300, PY 302

Advanced Placement Program

Several UAH departments award credit to students who have earned designated scores on Advanced Placement (AP) Program examinations of the College Entrance Examination Board. AP examinations are usually taken at the end of an AP-designed course of study in high school. If awarded, credit will be recorded without grades or quality points and will not, therefore, be included in the calculation of the grade point average. Students should apply for credit through the Office of the Registrar. Official scores may be requested at UAH AP code: 1854. Scores presented on transcripts from other institutions cannot be evaluated. To view AP Exam scores and the equivalent credit, please visit

Math Placement Table

Fall 2021

Math ACT Math SAT Placement Test AP Calculus Test Score Placement Equivalent Math Course (dependent on major)
0-19 480 or less <25% NA Level 0 MA 107S, MA 110S, MA 112S
20-24 480-570 >25% and <50% NA Level 1 MA 107, MA 110, MA 112
25-26 580-610 >50% and <75% NA Level 2 MA 113, MA 115, MA 120
27-36 620-800 >75% NA Level 3 MA 171
NA NA NA 3 (either AB or BC test) NA MA 172 (credit for MA 171)
NA NA NA 4 or 5 (only the BC test) NA MA 201 (credit for MA 172)

Effective Spring 2022

Math ACT Math SAT Placement Test AP Calculus Test Score Placement Equivalent Math Course (dependent on major)
21 or lower 490 or lower <40% N/A Level 0 MA 107S, 110S, 112S
22-24 500-590 >40% and <59% N/A Level 1 MA 107, 110, 112
25-27 600-630 >60% and <79% N/A Level 2 MA 113, 115, 120, 171S
28 or higher 640-800 >80% N/A Level 3 MA 171
Please note that the equivalent mathematics course is the course that the student must enroll in based upon 

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a national program under which a student can receive credit for college level achievement. Anyone who has practical knowledge in an area through independent study, work experience, cultural exposure, or intensive reading, may take these tests. The policy for CLEP credit varies with each institution. The policies listed herein are those of UAH. See for test dates, fees, and registration.

Credit by CLEP examination is allowed if the appropriate academic department has approved the CLEP test for use by the University. Credit awarded for CLEP examinations will be recorded on the student's record without grades or quality points and will not, therefore, be included in calculation of the grade point average. If a student does not pass a CLEP test, no record is placed on his or her transcript. Examinations may be retaken six months after initial testing.

Students should check with their program of study and their academic advisor to determine which, if any, CLEP examinations they may take to satisfy either free elective or degree requirements.

Listed below are UAH courses in which a student may receive CLEP credit, along with specific CLEP test titles and minimum score requirements.

Course Number CLEP Subject Test Title Minimum Score Required
Composition and Literature
EH 101 College Composition 50 and proficient performance on College Composition Modular Essay
EH 102 College Composition 65 and superior performance on College Composition Modular Essay
CH 121, CH 123, CH 125, CH 126 Chemistry 48 (Recommended student take the Chemistry Placement Test first)
World Languages and Cultures
WLC 101F French Language: Levels 1 and 2 48
WLC 101F - WLC 102F French Language: Levels 1 and 2 50
WLC 101G German Language: 1 and 2 48
WLC 101G - WLC 102G German Language: 1 and 2 50
WLC 101S Spanish Language: Levels 1 and 2 48
WLC 101S - WLC 102S Spanish Language: Levels 1 and 2 50
History and Social Science
HY 221 History of the United States I: Early Colonization to 1877 56
HY 222 History of the United States II: 1865 to the Present 56
SOC 100 Introductory Sociology 50
PSC 101 American Government 50 (with essay)
PY 101 Introductory Psychology 54
ACC 211 Financial Accounting 65
ECN 142 Principles of Macroeconomics 50
ECN 143 Principles of Microeconomics 50

International Baccalaureate (IB)

The University of Alabama in Huntsville recognizes International Baccalaureate (IB) credit with a score of 5, 6, or 7 on the higher-level examinations. IB score reports should be sent to the UAH Office of Admissions for evaluation. Additional credit may be awarded on a course by course basis as approved by the department. Some departments may award credit based on the subsidiary examinations. The academic unit responsible for the student's program of study will determine the application of credits toward specific degree requirements. If awarded, credits will be recorded without grades or quality points, and will not, therefore, be included in the calculation of grade point average.

International Baccalaureate Course Higher Level Exam Score Semester Credit UAH Course Equivalent Comments
Art History 5-7 6 ARH 100, ARH 101
Art Studio 5-7 6 ARS 123 & ARS 140 or ARS 160 & ARS 260 Depending on Portfolio
Biology 5-7 8 BYS 119, BYS 120
Chemistry 5-6 4 CH 101, CH 105
7 8 CH 101/CH 105, CH 201/CH 205
Economics 5-6 3 ECN 142
7 6 ECN 142, ECN 143
English 5-6 3 EH 101
7 6 EH 101, EH 102
Geography 5-7 3 AES 110
History, US 5-7 6 HY 221, HY 222
History, World 5-7 6 HY 103, HY 104
Languages: French, German, Spanish 5-7 15 WLC 101F, WLC 101G, WLC 101S, WLC 102F, WLC 102G, WLC 102S, WLC 201F, WLC 201G, WLC 201S, WLC 202F, WLC 202G, WLC 202S, WLC 301F, WLC 301G, WLC 301S
Mathematics 5-6 4 MA 171
7 8 MA 171, MA 172
Music 5-7 3 MU 100
Philosophy 5-7 3 PHL 101
Physics 5-7 8 PH 101, PH 102
Psychology 5-7 6 PY 101, PY 102
Theater Arts 5-7 3 TH 122

Instructional and Testing Services

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Telephone: 256.824.6725

Instructional and Testing Services provides high-quality test administration and assessment services for UAH faculty and students. It subscribes to and abides by the professional standards and guidelines for post-secondary test centers, as adopted by the National College Testing Association.  Instructional and Testing Services offers a variety of services for UAH instructors and students including Online Learning exams, proctoring make-up exams, and deferred finals.