A Bachelor of Science in Individualized Studies allows a student to create a specialized degree program appropriate for his or her individual educational and career goals that does not otherwise fit into the currently structured degree programs. 

Program Objective

The primary objective of the program is to encourage students to think deeply about their career goals and make it possible for students to tailor their education in order to achieve those goals. A second objective is to ensure graduates of the program acquire a solid understanding of an interdisciplinary area of science and mathematics. The third objective is to allow students to stay abreast of changes in the employment marketplace for science and mathematics graduates.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates with Individualized Bachelor of Science degrees will demonstrate:

  • Knowledge in an existing core major offered by the College of Science
  • Ability to write in a scholarly manner
  • Capability to work collaboratively to achieve academic and career goals

Students may not pursue the Bachelor of Science in Individualized Studies degree as a second major, second degree, or second baccalaureate.

Although not required, a student may choose to pursue one minor within this degree, however there can be no overlap between courses in the minor and the 36 credit hours courses required for the major.

  • All College of Science degrees require at least 120 credit hours.

  • 36 of those 120 credit hours must be taken at 300 level or higher

  • 12 credit hours of 300 level and above must be taken in the major or 6 credit hours in the major and 6 credit hours in the minor (if chosen).

  • 12 of the last 18 credit hours must be taken at UAH, with an overall 25% of coursework taken at UAH.

  • No more than 60 credit hours from a two-year college can be applied toward a UAH degree. 

  • A C- or better is required for all College of Science prerequisite courses, unless otherwise noted.

For UAH degree requirements and graduation application instructions, see here.

Charger Foundations

All Charger Foundation requirements will be completed per the UAH Charger Foundation guidelines.38-42

Area V: Pre-Professional 

Major Requirements36+
Courses in this area may also be used to fulfill Charger Foundations requirements.
36 or more credit hours from College of Science courses.

General Electives

Additional courses to reach 120 credit hours. Electives can be taken from any department and do not have to be taken in your major or minor. No more than 4 credits of 100-level HPE courses can count toward degree requirements.
Total Degree Hours120