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Chair: Dr. John Mecikalski, Professor

The Atmospheric and Earth Science department offers the following graduate degree programs:

Admission Requirements 

Refer to the appropriate section of the Graduate Catalog for general admission and degree requirements. Students should have an appropriate foundation with at least two semesters of calculus, two semesters of physics, an introductory course in computer programming, and preferably chemistry before entering the program. Please consult the department for guidance.

Program Objective

The M.S. in Earth System Science program specifically enables students to gain not only an understanding of the physics of the climate system and the environment but also a working hands-on knowledge of how data and information is used to aid decision makers. Our graduates will be successful in writing or presenting a scientific research paper in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, book chapter, or at a national or international scientific conference or workshop.  Our final objective is to produce graduates who successfully obtain professional employment in the Earth System Science field within one year of graduation.

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate

  • Knowledge of the reviewed literature in the earth system sciences that is relevant to their specific research
  • Effective use of remotely sensed environmental data, image processing and GIS toward decision making or policy related applications in the earth system sciences
  • Effective oral communication skills in reporting the results of their scientific research

Master's Program in Earth System Science