The Graduate catalog provides basic information about the more than 80+ masters, doctoral and certificate programs available at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. In addition to course offerings, it provides valuable information such as suggested and required degree plans and information about tuition, financial aid, and support services.  

While we encourage you to follow the pathways outlined in this catalog, it is also recommended that you consult with your academic advisor to ensure that you are taking advantage of courses and university resources that will help you reach your educational and career goals by graduating on time. Please contact your department to learn who can assist you with your academic advising. 

As a supplement to the Graduate Catalog, the Graduate School Handbook contains most of the policies and procedures of the Graduate School. Students should become familiar with the material pertaining to their degree programs and, together with their faculty advisors, make certain that the chosen program of study complies with all policies.

For questions regarding the content of this catalog please contact the Graduate School at 256.824.6002,, or our office in the Student Services Building, Room 222.