Semester Hours: 3

Survey of data types and languages commonly used in the meteorological community along with practical application to meteorology. Course is designed to prepare students for graduate work and research in atmospheric science.

Atmospheric Science

The Atmospheric Science Department is devoted to providing high-quality education to graduate and undergraduate students and to contributing international-caliber research principally in the areas of remote sensing, atmospheric chemistry and air pollution, radiative transfer, microwave radiometry, severe storms, numerical modeling, and climate-change modeling and measurements.

Earth System Science

...undergraduate equivalent of ESS 507, ESS 508 (or ESS 509) and ESS 514 at UAH...

Earth System Science

...students may take ESS 507 , ESS 508 , ESS 509 , ESS 514 , ESS 515 in place...

Earth System Science, MS

...undergraduate equivalent of ESS 507 , ESS 508 (or ESS 509 ) and ESS 514 at UAH...