Student Success Center (SSC)

Salmon Library First Floor

The Student Success Center (SSC) provides academic support programs that empower individuals to realize their potential as self-directed learners. The SSC is located in the Salmon Library. To learn more about any of our programs, visit the SSC website or call 256-824-2478.

Tutoring Programs

The Tutoring Programs consist of Academic Coaching, Content Tutoring, and Writing Tutoring. The goal of the Tutoring Programs is to work with UAH students not only on content, but also on study and learning strategies so that students can become independent learners. The programs provide academic support to students in-person and online through one-on-one and small group sessions.

Academic Coaching guides students through improving their performance in and out of class by offering sessions on study, learning, and self-management strategies. During a session, coaches and students work together to create a personalized action plan.

Content Tutoring provides academic support for students in over 100 courses. Tutors work with students on course content and developing study and learning strategies. In addition to appointments, math and physics drop-in tutoring is also available. 

Writing Tutoring assists students in becoming more confident and successful writers. Writing tutors use peer consultations at any point in the writing process to encourage writers to identify and develop their own writing skills.

To make an appointment, view the drop-in schedule, or learn more about our programs, visit the Tutoring Programs website or call 256-824-2478.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Program provides academic support for students enrolled in designated courses that are considered historically difficult. PASS provides an active learning environment that focuses on both practicing course content and developing study and learning strategies for the course. Sessions are offered several times a week outside of class and are led by UAH students who have successfully completed the course and are trained to facilitate group learning. To find out more about the program or view the current PASS schedule, visit the PASS website or call 256-824-2478.

Student Success Center Canvas Page

The Student Success Center Canvas page is available to all undergraduate students as a real-time resource for tips on how to be a successful college student. Students can access short videos and detailed handouts on important topics such as time management, forming effective study groups, reading strategies, and test-taking tips.

Academic Success Advocacy Program (ASAP)

The Academic Support Advocacy Program (ASAP) provides one-to-one academic consultations. Students work individually with an advocate to navigate challenges that may come with the college experience. Meetings promote the student’s ability to explore, self-reflect, and evaluate their experiences both in and out of the classroom. Students will develop learning strategies alongside skill-building techniques.   ASAP also seeks to better support students by promoting data-driven approaches to student success across the university. The office is located in the Student Services Building, Room 200. Appointments can be made through the ASAP website ( or by calling 256-824-2727. 

College Academic Support Centers

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

The Academic Advisors for the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences are Joshua Riddle, Wilson Lester, and Jenny Russell-Clifton, and are located in Morton Hall 131. To schedule an appointment or learn about their services, please click here

College of Business

The office of Academic Assistance is located in the Business Administration Building, Room 102. Advisement may be scheduled by phone at 256.824.6787 or by email at

College of Education

The Undergraduate Academic Advisors for the College of Education are Mrs. Liz Redding and Mrs. Martha Dobbs. Mrs. Redding advises students in Kinesiology Department programs and is located in Wilson Hall, Room 329D.  Mrs. Dobbs advises students in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction, primarily those in teacher preparation programs, and is located on the third floor of Roberts Hall, Room 302.

College of Engineering

The Center for Undergraduate Engineering Education is located in the Engineering Building, Room 157. The center offers comprehensive advising services to help students recognize and understand the requirements for their chosen college degree, learn the skills needed for academic success, and how to access and apply the variety of resources and services available to them. The center can be contacted at either or 256.824.6877.

College of Nursing

Student advisement is conducted in the College of Nursing's Office of Undergraduate Programs, located in the Nursing Building, Suite 227.  The office offers comprehensive advising services and answers questions about nursing admission requirements. Appointments can be set up by calling the Office of Undergraduate Nursing Programs at 256-824-6742 or by online scheduling at or

College of Professional Studies 

The College of Professional Studies Academic Advising and Exploratory Academic Advising is located in Wilson Hall, Suite 143. Appointments can be made by calling 256-824-6673 or emailing

College of Science

The College of Science Advising team includes Jennifer Bradley, Michelle Brightwell, Jenny Harvard, Kristin Hawthorne, Morgan Lewis, and Matthew Wilson. Our team of advisors provides each College of Science undergraduate student with personalized information related to their degree. The science advisors help students reach graduation by assisting them in course selection, course sequencing/planning, and registration. In addition, advisors support students by guiding them toward university resources such as the Student Success Center, Academic Support Advocacy Program (ASAP), Office of Undergraduate Research, Career Services, Office of Financial aid, and Campus Life to make their college career a success. Find us here: and @ science.advising@uah.ed.

Honors College

Honors advising is provided for Honors College undergraduate students in conjunction with departmental advising. The advising offices are located in Franz Franz Hall, Room 113. You can click here to schedule an appointment or email to connect with the Honors College Academic Advisor, Nicole Hughes, and/or the Peer Advisors. To schedule an appointment with the Fellowship and Graduate School Advisor, Jennifer Staton, email The Honors College also offers Honors Tutors. Students are able to book an appointment with the Honors Tutors for tutoring in a variety of courses, both Honors and non-Honors. The Honors Tutors also host group study sessions in Calculus.