102 Engineering Building
Telephone: 256.824.6474

Dean:  Shankar Mahalingam, PhD
Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research:  Michael D. Anderson, PhD
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education:  Jennifer M. English, PhD

Mission & Vision 

The mission of the College of Engineering is to advance knowledge through research and education in core engineering disciplines. The College promotes ethical, innovative, and multidisciplinary approaches in an environment of collaboration with local and global partners to address society's technological problems.

The vision of the College of Engineering is to attain national and international recognition through innovative, multi-disciplinary research and education, while promoting professional integrity, and inspiring students to become leaders in their profession.

Degree Programs 

The College of Engineering offers eight undergraduate programs built around a core consisting of courses in mathematics, the physical sciences, liberal arts, and engineering. Students may pursue one of the following engineering degree programs that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree:

History & Objectives

UAH has been an independent and autonomous campus since 1968 with the first engineering degrees awarded in Electrical Engineering. The College of Engineering was established as an independent college in 1981 and is now the largest academic college at UAH. Over 10,000 undergraduate and graduate degrees have been awarded in the College of Engineering’s history. Close proximity to the Marshall Space Flight Center, the U.S. Army Research, Development & Engineering Command and Redstone Arsenal, and much of Alabama's fastest growing technological industry gives the College of Engineering a special character that leads to outstanding educational opportunities for its students. This special setting, combined with high quality research-active faculty, affords maximum growth potential for students interested in pursuing a career in engineering.

The goals of the College of Engineering are to:

  • Enhance the national and international recognition of the research activities of the College to advance towards the top 50 engineering colleges/schools
  • Be recognized nationally for graduating highly sought after professionals with excellent engineering skills, integrity, and a strong work ethic
  • Improve the quality, diversity, and number of students at all levels with an emphasis on increasing full time student enrollment
  • Create an engaging educational environment fostering a highly diverse group focusing on nurturing innovation and leadership through core engineering and multidisciplinary research and education

Working with students, our faculty conduct both fundamental and applied research in disciplinary and cross disciplinary fields, developing solutions to many grand challenges. The College of Engineering is strongly committed to the advising of both undergraduate and graduate engineering students.

Undergraduate Engineering Advising

The College of Engineering is committed to student success, which starts with effective and supportive academic advising.  Engineering students are advised by a team of professional advisors from the Center for Undergraduate Engineering Education (CUE2) which is located in Room 157 of the Engineering Building.  The CUE2 advisors will work with you throughout your entire undergraduate career to define and implement sound educational plans that are consistent with your personal goals and career plans.  Our advisors are also available to answer questions about degree requirements as well as academic policies and procedures. They can also suggest enrichment opportunities or make referrals to academic and other campus support resources. They’re here to offer guidance and support.

More information about CUE2 advisors as well as a host of advising and curricular information for UAH engineering students may be found on the Undergraduate Engineering website.  Prospective students may email the CUE2 office at


Freshman Students

Each applicant is evaluated based on individual merit and demonstrated success in a rigorous academic environment. High school coursework, grade point average, and ACT/SAT scores are weighed heavily; however, these criteria do not constitute the entire foundation for an admission decision. An applicant with a grade point average of 2.9 and a composite score of 20 on the ACT or equivalent SAT, for example, is considered a strong candidate for admission.

Transfer Students

Students may transfer to the UAH College of Engineering from another two-year or four-year institution.  Students must have a C grade point average (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) for all coursework previously attempted.  Students must also provide an official transcript sent directly to the UAH Admissions office.  Transfer credit will be applied as appropriate to the specific engineering program and at the discretion of the College of Engineering.  Students must earn a C in any transferred course that serves as a prerequisite to a course required for the engineering degree program. 

Students transferring from a two-year, regionally accredited school may, at most, transfer 50% of the total number of hours (maximum of 64 hours) required for an undergraduate engineering degree.  UAH follows the Alabama Articulation and General Studies Committee agreement for students transferring credit from a State of Alabama community college.  Transfer credit from other two-year institutions will be evaluated by the UAH Registrar’s Office and the College of Engineering.

Students transferring from an ABET-accredited four-year institution may transfer no more than 70% of course work towards an engineering degree program.  Students must also complete 12 of their last 18 semester hours towards their degree requirements at UAH.  More information and requirements may be found at the UAH Admission website.

Engineering Common First Year

The Engineering Common First Year is designed to motivate and engage engineering students.  All Engineering students will take a common set of courses including EGR 101 - Introduction to Computing for Engineers and FYE 101E Charger Success for Engineers.  The goals of the Common First Year program are to:

  • Introduce students to UAH, the College of Engineering, and the fields of engineering
  • Give students flexibility to choose a major at the end of the first year
  • Keep students in a loosely defined cohort for the first year
  • Emphasize the importance of computing for engineers
  • Ensure that students have the skills necessary to be successful in second year engineering courses

Laptop Requirements

All engineering undergraduate students are required to have a laptop computer that meets certain requirements depending on their major.  For some courses, the students will be required to use the laptop during class time.  The requirements may be found here.

Engineering Academic Progress Policy

It is important for engineering students to make good academic progress. Repeating courses increases the time and cost to earn a degree and can negatively impact a student’s grade point average. The College of Engineering defines good academic progress as completing 66% or more of the courses for which a student is registered. Completion is defined as earning the minimum grade necessary to have the course satisfy a degree requirement. Withdrawing from course and receiving a W on the transcript is not considered completion.

Engineering students will be limited to three attempts of any math, science or engineering course that is required for the degree. If a student is not successful at completing a course on the third attempt (including Ws), the student will not be able to continue in any engineering degree program for which that course is required.  Exceptions to this policy will be considered for unusual or emergency situations.