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The Department of Psychology offers the B.A. and M.A. degrees in psychology. Psychology is an exciting and interesting scientific field that concerns why people think and behave the way they do. It is a tremendously varied field and a discipline with a bright and promising future. Though relatively young, psychology is an expansive discipline that incorporates topics from other disciplines such as biology, business, engineering, and education. Studying psychology requires students to solve problems, reason verbally and quantitatively, organize material, think critically, communicate clearly, and work effectively with others. At UAH, the psychology department is small and very student-centered. Students may take courses in clinical, experimental, social, developmental, cognitive, perceptual, biological, personality, industrial, and counseling psychology. In particular, students are required to gain an appreciation of the methods and tools used by psychologists to perform research. Our capstone course in supervised research allows majors to demonstrate those skills working with individual faculty members.

The department of Psychology offers the following degree programs:


The focus of the Department of Psychology is threefold:

  • teaching
  • scholarship
  • service

Consequently, the mission of the department centers upon development of students, development of faculty and scholarly activities, and service to scholarly and professional societies as well as to appropriate communities including those within UAH.

The Department of Psychology supports the Mission of the College of Liberal Arts in a variety of ways. We provide close interactions between teachers and learners in our seminar courses, as well as in our research courses and internship opportunities. The Department of Psychology encourages personal and professional growth in its promotion of students’ career exploration, knowledge acquisition, skill development (i.e., critical thinking, technical writing, oral communication, and statistical analyses), and valuation of diversity.

Social Science Composite for Secondary Education Majors

Students planning to teach psychology in secondary schools will need to complete the Social Science Composite which includes courses in history, psychology, sociology, political science, and economics. The psychology courses included in this composite are PY 101, PY 102, and PY 375. Students seeking certification in secondary education should contact the Education Department for specific requirements.

The department of Psychology offers the following degree programs:

(Date refers to original appointment to the university.)

Neuschatz, Jeffrey, Professor, Psychology, 2000, PhD, Binghamton University.

Price, Jodi, Associate Professor, Psychology, 2008, PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Seemann, Eric, Associate Professor, Psychology, 2003, PhD, Lousiana Tech University.

Torres, Aurora, Assistant Professor, Psychology, 1995, PhD, University of Oklahoma.

Weger, Kristin, Assistant Professor, Psychology, 2017, PhD, Otto-Friedrich-University.

Zheng, Dianhan, Assistant Professor, Psychology, 2015, PhD, University of Houston.