The mission of Professional Studies is to increase student enrollment and retention; enhance and diversify academic offerings through quality interdisciplinary undergraduate programming; respond quickly and responsibly to workforce development needs; and promote and expand lifelong learning opportunities.


Bachelor of Professional Studies

The Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) offers a flexible, well-rounded interdisciplinary curriculum that provides students the opportunity to expand their knowledge base across an array of academic disciplines to meet their individual goals. Students will learn how to communicate effectively, make informed decisions, and build analytical and critical thinking skills. The BPS degree can be completed fully online, in the classroom, or a combination of both.

Concentrations are offered in the following areas:

  • Leadership and Organizational Studies (pending approval)
  • Science, Technology, and Society
  • General Studies


UAH accepts credits awarded from institutions accredited by one of the regional agencies recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE).  Credits transferred in from an accredited junior, community, or two-year institution can be applied for up to 50% of the degree requirements. Credits transferred in from an accredited four-year institution can be applied for up to 75% of the degree requirements.  Transfer credit may also include ACE approved military training.

Professional Studies is a partner with the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) through the Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC), which allows the application of up to 60 earned hours from any CCAF degree program to an approved BPS degree concentration.

Professional Studies can also accept up to 34 hours of technical credits awarded by an accredited institution which will be applied to the student’s plan of study as elective credit.  Technical credits count as part of the maximum number of credits accepted from junior, community, or two-year institutions. Technical credit may not be used to satisfy degree requirements such as general education, degree core requirements, or concentration requirements.  

Students should provide an official transcript sent directly to the UAH Admissions office.  Transfer credit will be applied as appropriate and at the discretion of the College. 

Technical Requirements

All students in Professional Studies are required to have their own computer and access to a sufficient internet connection for participating in online instruction and completing assignments/projects/tests. 

Professional Studies Academic Advising

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Kellee Crawford, B.A., M.A.                                  Joshua Riddle, B.A., M.A.
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The University of Alabama in Huntsville has institutional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral degrees. 

Bachelor of Professional Studies, Leadership, and Organizational Studies Concentration (pending approval)

Develop an understanding of foundational leadership theory and prepare for careers that involve finding solutions to human problems in organizations and communities. Coursework focuses on business (emphasis on leadership, management, and information systems) and humanities/social sciences (emphasis on communications, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, education, and/or sociology). The curriculum includes courses in leadership styles, management, information systems, individual and group dynamics, organizational and group behavior, human resources, professional ethics, and communication skills. Students acquire an understanding of human behavior in groups, organizations, and larger systems.

Bachelor of Professional Studies, Science, Technology, and Society Concentration 

Integrate the study of science, engineering, and/or technology with its social and cultural impact on humanity. Focus on developing a broad understanding of the technical, historical, and social dimensions of science and technology. Curriculum options include engineering, the natural sciences, computer science, information sciences, business, the social sciences, and/or humanities. The curriculum provides an interdisciplinary approach to explore the significance, challenges, and effects that science and technology present to society. Courses allow students to incorporate technical scientific knowledge with analytical thinking from a social perspective.

Bachelor of Professional Studies, General Studies Concentration 

Design a curriculum to best support your professional and personal interests. Coursework places a priority on interdisciplinary studies, critical analysis, oral and written communication, ethics, and teamwork. It allows students to fulfill general education credits, study relevant topics, develop versatile skill sets, and prepare for a wide range of career options. 

Professional Studies (PRO) Courses


Semester Hours: 3

Focus is on learning theory, discovering learning style preferences and appropriate, effective study methods, understanding the issues facing college students today and strategies to overcome them, learning about available campus academic and student support resources and how to utilize them improving oral and written communication skills. Identifying UAH academic organizations and recognizing the importance of involvement and developing the skills. Must be part of College Academy. May not be used for Charger Foundations.


Semester Hour: 1

This course employs foundational learning theories and related research in adult education and development to help students successfully transition to UAH. Students will define competencies needed for success in academic study and professional leadership, in setting educational goals, and in planning a learning experience to achieve them. Emphasis is placed on issues unique to adult re-entry students and the university services available to support nontraditional students.


Semester Hours: 3

Interdisciplinary studies fosters foundational knowledge acquisition by which individuals draw on multiple disciplinary perspectives and integrate their insights and modes of thinking to advance the studies and the fundamental development of critical and analytical thinking skills. Complex issues are addressed from multi-faceted perspectives that stimulate problem solving, problem defining and problem posing. Emphasis is placed on how to synthesize evidence drawn from multiple sources as a basis for informed decision-making.


Semester Hours: 3

Investigate the interdisciplinary nature of 21st-century media. Students analyze the combined influence of production methods, semiotics, politics, ethics, and psychology on our critical understanding of advertising, propaganda, conspiracy theories, social media, and the Internet of Things. Prerequite: EH 102.


Semester Hours: 3

Course uses an interdisciplinary approach to draw on intersecting and divergent knowledge from a variety of scholarly disciplines in order to create an in-depth and multi-faceted understanding of a particular instructor chosen issue, topic or problem. Prerequisite: EH 102.


Semester Hours: 3

Course allows individual students to pursue an interdisciplinary topic of interest which is not otherwise available and may involve any combination of readings assignments, tutorials, lectures, papers, presentations, or field/laboratory study (determined in consultation with instructor). Prerequisite: PRO 325.


Semester Hours: 3

This course introduces students to interdisciplinary research methods. In the course, students will apply their knowledge - identifying an interdisciplinary problem related to their approved concentration area, performing the foundational research, and formulating a research proposal for their Capstone research thesis/project. Prerequisite: PRO 320.


Semester Hours: 3

Students majoring in Professional Studies are required to complete a senior research thesis in their approved interdisciplinary concentration. This Capstone course requires the student to demonstrate his/her ability to integrate the core knowledge and skills gained in their interdisciplinary areas of study using inquiry-based learning methods. Research is conducted and a thesis-style paper is written and orally presented. Prerequisite: PRO 498 with minimum grade of C-.