The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Department offers a Ph.D. program in Aerospace Systems Engineering.  

The following table is an outline of the program of study requirements.  Students should consult their dissertation advisor and supervisory committee to develop their program of study.

Program of Study

Engineering Major
Minimum of 27 semester hours of graduate coursework from MAE or related departments27
With approval, a Master's Thesis may be counted 6 semester hours towards this total.
First Minor
9 semester hours of graduate courses in an approved engineering area of specialization9
Second Minor
6 semester hours of graduate coursework in mathematics (typically MAE 623, MAE 661, MAE 662, MAE 671, MAE 674, MAE 693, MAE 780 or ISE 690) 6
Doctoral Dissertation
18 hours (minimum) of MAE 799 - Doctoral Dissertation18
Total Semester Hours66

With prior approval, up to nine semester hours of 500-level courses may be taken in fulfillment of the Basic and specific program requirements.