Civil Engineering, MSE

The CEE Department offers two plans leading to the MSE degree for the Civil Engineering option.  These are designated:

  • Plan I (Thesis),
  • Plan II (Non-thesis)

The following sections describe the requirements for each of these options. For both options, 50% of the graduate coursework must be at the 600-level or above and students must earn a grade of B or better in all 600-level or above coursework. Students should consult their faculty advisor when selecting courses for their Program of Study.

Basic Program of Study

The Basic Program of Study, common to both Plan I and Plan II MSE options, contains a minimum of 24 semester hours of graduate-level course work that must include:

Engineering Major
Select 12 semester hours of graduate courses in an engineering major including supporting engineering courses12
First Minor
Select a first minor of 6 semester hours in an approved engineering area of specialization6
Second Minor
Select a second minor of 6 semester hours in Mathematics, Graduate Engineering Analysis, or Statistics (ISE 690)6
Total Semester Hours24

Plan I, Thesis Option

Students selecting this option must:

Complete Basic Program of Study as described above24
Complete an acceptable thesis including a public defense
Total Semester Hours30

Plan II, Non-Thesis Option

Student selecting this option must:

Complete Basic Program of Study24
Select 6 semester hours of graduate coursework to complete an approved extended program of study6
Total Semester Hours30