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The UAH College of Business serves business and society through the expertise of our alumni, students, and faculty.  We provide academically rigorous programs emphasizing the application of theory and skills in scientific, technological, and traditional business environments.  We are committed to offering degree programs that build analytical skills, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and provide opportunities to engage with practice through projects, practica, and internships.  


The College of Business is accredited by AACSB International.  AACSB provides the highest standard of accreditation offered to business schools worldwide, with fewer than 25% of U.S. business schools and fewer than 5% of worldwide business schools achieving the distinction.  To maintain AACSB accreditation, we must have a specific plan and sufficient resources to support high quality undergraduate and graduate programs, a highly qualified faculty who maintain credentials through continuous research or engagement with practice, and a process for assessing that our students are learning what we teach.  We report to AACSB annually and undergo a comprehensive review every five years. 

Graduate Degrees and Certificates

The College of Business offers seven graduate degrees and seven graduate certificates. 

Expectations about Degree Progress

Course Load:  The usual semester course load for a full-time graduate student is 9 to 12 semester hours. The usual semester course load for a student employed full-time is 3 to 6 semester hours. 

Time Limit:  All requirements toward the master's degree, including transfer credit, must have been earned during the six years (18 semesters over fall, spring, and summer) immediately preceding the date on which the master’s degree is to be awarded.  Credit for individual graduate courses at UAH completed more than 6 years (18 semesters) but less than 10 years (30 semesters) before the completion of all requirements for the degree must be validated by the department that offered the course through the administering of a written or oral examination. Once a course is validated, it is considered valid through the tenth year only. Credit for courses more than ten years old cannot be validated. Up to six hours of transfer courses that are more than 6 years (18 semesters) but less than 10 years (30 semesters) before the completion of all the requirements for the degree may be validated by a committee of at least three members of the graduate faculty appointed by the department or program chair, with the results reported to the graduate dean. 

Graduate Assistantships

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available to select full-time students on a competitive basis. Graduate assistantships are awarded at either a 10 or 20 hour per week service to the College, carry a stipend, and have up to 9 semester hours of tuition paid. Assistantship applications are available here

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA) are awarded to a few students who assist with the College’s undergraduate teaching mission as tutors, graders, and coordinators of program activities.  Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA) are made available through externally funded grants or contracts. GRAs do research under the supervision of a faculty member or center director. Because GRAs assist with specific research activities, the ability of applicants to assist with these specific activities is considered when awarding assistantships.