A student (other than an individual with non-immigrant visa status) whose application to the Graduate School is not complete or is pending approval, may, with a departmental recommendation, be admitted to UAH on a provisional basis. Students admitted in this category may register for graduate-level courses for one semester with approval from the department(s), provided that all prerequisites for those courses have been met. Students may be admitted provisionally for one semester only. Within that period they must complete their application materials in time to be considered for regular admission prior to the start of the next semester, usually by the 10th week of the semester. Students who do not complete the application process within the allowed period, or are subsequently not admitted to the graduate program, will not be allowed to take additional graduate classes as a degree-seeking student.

Once a student gains regular admission to the Graduate School, all policies regarding conditional or unconditional admission become effective in the provisionally admitted semester. Graduate credit for courses at the 500-level or above taken as a provisional student may, with the approval of the degree department, be applied toward a graduate degree program only if the grades earned in such courses were B or higher.

  • Students admitted provisionally are not eligible for federal financial aid. 
  • This category is not available to students with non-immigrant visa status.