For admission to the Graduate School, applicants must hold a bachelor's degree, or equivalent, from an approved institution. Meeting Unconditional Admission requirements does not automatically ensure a student acceptance to an academic program. See college/departmental sections for specific admissions information.

Unconditional Admission

To qualify for unconditional admission, applicants must satisfy the following minimum criteria:*

1. Have a minimum grade-point average of B (3.0) on the undergraduate record, and

2. Have a minimum total score of 300 on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and a minimum score of 3.0 on the analytical writing portion. For the English, Nursing, and Public Affairs programs, applicants must have a minimum total score of 410 on the MAT. For business, applicants must have a minimum total score of 500 on the GMAT. 

*Individual programs may have higher GPA and score requirements for unconditional admission.

Test Score Waiver

A request for a waiver in lieu of GRE/GMAT/MAT test scores may be granted upon the recommendation of the department or program chair if at least one of the following conditions holds and other departmental requirements are met:*

1. the applicant is the holder of a graduate degree from an accredited institution; 

2. the applicant presents evidence of having taken the GRE/MAT over five years ago and hence cannot obtain official scores; 

3. the applicant graduated from an accredited college or university five or more years ago and has not subsequently been enrolled since that time, and has a record of consistent professional and/or academic achievement as documented on a submitted resume; 

4. FE exam may be accepted for some engineering degrees. If available, a candidate must show proof of passing the exam.

*Not all departments participate in test score waivers even if the above is met.

International applicants should also visit the International Student catalog page to review additional requirements.

In response to COVID-19, admission test scores have been waived for approved entry terms if the applicant meets the alternate requirements. Please visit our graduate admission page to review the alternate requirements available.