An applicant for a master's, doctoral or certificate program must submit a completed graduate application form and a nonrefundable application fee which can be completed on our graduate application webpage

New applicants to The University of Alabama in Huntsville will be directed to complete The Common Application, a second party application portal that will assist UAH in collecting your required documents. 

Please note you will be directed to one of the following applications:

Engineering students will use "EngineeringCAS";
Business students will use "BusinessCAS";
Science, Nursing, Education and Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences will use "GradCAS";
Alumni will be directed to use "Banner" to complete their graduate application.

Within The Common Application, you will be requested to provide transcripts, test scores, and a resume. Depending on the program you select, you may also be requested to provide additional documents, such as recommendation letters, a personal statement, and/or proof of a professional license. Each document that is requested will be noted in the application and will have a corresponding upload feature.  Alumni may be requested to provide the same information but will email their domestic or international admissions officer directly when requested to do so.

Please see our Graduate Admissions Requirements for additional information.

Concurrent Degrees

An applicant for an additional graduate program (including a different degree in the same discipline, e.g. adding a master's program to a Ph.D. program, or adding a certificate) who has been previously admitted to the Graduate School must submit a new application form to the Graduate School for the new program. The student must inform the chairs of both departments/programs that he/she is pursuing two degree programs concurrently. Current students can contact their admissions officer for a paper application to add the additional program and to avoid paying a second application fee.

Students who fail to enroll in classes within one year of their date of admission must submit a new application.