Seniors Taking Graduate Courses

A student (other than a senior taking graduate courses with appropriate authorization; see "Seniors Taking Graduate Courses", or a student in a combined undergraduate/graduate program) must be admitted to the Graduate School to receive graduate credit for courses taken or to take courses at the 500 level or above.

Course Load

A full-time graduate student is one enrolled in courses totaling 9 (GTA or GRA) to 12 semester hours for fall and spring semesters and 6 semester hours for summer. The maximum course load for a graduate student is 13 semester hours. A student employed full-time (40 or more clock hours a week) may schedule no more than 6 hours of graduate work a semester without permission of the faculty advisor or the department chair if the student does not have an advisor. A full-time teacher working toward certification is limited to two courses a semester and a maximum of four three-semester-hour courses an academic year (nine months).

Thesis/Dissertation Requirements

Students working on a thesis or dissertation must register for thesis or dissertation credit each term in which they receive supervision or during which they are engaged in the formal preparation of the thesis/dissertation. Students must register for 3 credit hours of either 699 or 799 in the semester that they defend. Thesis and dissertation supervision courses are graded on satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

Continuous Registration Requirement

Students pursuing a doctoral degree must register for a minimum of 3 semester hours of graduate credit (to include dissertation credit) each fall and spring semester until all degree requirements are complete and the dissertation is complete and defended. 

Credit to Audit

A student is permitted to change a course from credit to audit only during the first four weeks of classes. For students whose tuition is paid by the University through graduate assistantships or tuition scholarships, changing a course from credit to audit will require the student to reimburse the University for that course's tuition.