During each semester, one or more announced examinations of class period length may be held. At the end of each semester, a final examination period is scheduled for each course. Absences from a scheduled final examination without previous arrangement with the course instructor (except in extenuating circumstances) will be classified unexcused and a failing grade in the course will be assigned.

Any student whose final examination schedule is such that he or she is scheduled to take three or more examinations during a single day shall have the right to have the middle examination rescheduled. The date and time of the rescheduled examination shall be by mutual agreement between the student and the affected faculty member and must be agreed upon prior to the final week of the semester. It is the student's responsibility to notify the instructor of this type of conflict, and it is the instructor's responsibility to verify that the conflict actually exists. If a student is scheduled to take four examinations during a single day, then the same procedure applies except that the student shall now have the right to have both the second and fourth examinations rescheduled.