Students should be aware that course repeats, for any reason, may not be looked upon favorably by some employers and by professional schools; hence, they should avoid the need for repeats.

Students may repeat any course an unlimited number of times in order to achieve a passing grade or an improved understanding of the course material.

One course may be repeated with the previous grade excluded from the calculation of the student's grade-point average. The student must declare such a course repeat before the end of the regular registration period for the semester in which the course will be repeated. Only a course for which the student has received a grade of C, D, or F may be repeated under this option. When withdrawing from a course that has been declared as a course repeat, the previous grade will still be used in the computation of the GPA, and the course will not count toward the maximum of one repeat.  Until a grade other than W is reported, the previous grade will be used for the GPA. The transcript will show both the original grades and the course repeat grades, but only the grade points and credit hours earned in the repeated course will count toward graduation and will be averaged into the student's GPA. Concurrent registration for multiple sections of a course is not allowed.

For all other courses repeated at UAH, both the original grade and the course repeat grade will show on the transcript and will be calculated in the student's GPA.

A student wishing to exercise the option of repeating a course with grade replacement must file the intent to do so in the Office of the Registrar before the end of regular registration using a Graduate Course Repeat form.