Any time a student's overall grade point average on graduate courses drops below a 3.0, the student will be placed on academic probation. A student on academic probation is not a candidate for a degree and may not register for classes without approval from the graduate dean, nor may they schedule a masters or doctoral defense.

For unconditionally admitted students, probationary status is removed by raising the overall grade point average to 3.0 or better on all graduate work attempted in all terms up to and including the semester in which 12 semester hours of graduate work are completed following the semester the student is placed on probation.

Conditionally admitted students must maintain a B (3.0) average through the semester in which the first 12 semester hours is completed, or they are subject to dismissal from the Graduate School. Conditionally admitted students whose GPA falls below a 3.0 may petition to be allowed to continue in the graduate program if their advisor and department chair are in support of this. Such students must submit a written, signed petition indicating the reason for the poor academic performance, and a plan for raising the GPA to at least a 3.0. Such a plan must give specific details of courses to be taken, course repeats to be used, etc. and must be signed by the advisor and the department chair before being submitted to the graduate dean. If approved, the graduate dean may stipulate other conditions to the plan in order to allow the student to remain in the graduate program.

Failure to remove probation in the manners described may result in dismissal from the Graduate School. In exceptional cases students may petition for readmission to their graduate program upon recommendation of the faculty in the major department and approval by the graduate dean.