Student Services Building, Room 205

Career Center

Career Services

Career Services assists students in all phases of career planning and preparation including resume writing and critique, interview preparation, developing networking skills, career assessments, and career coaching through one-on-one appointments as well as workshops and information sessions. Our services provide students with the knowledge and resources to make informed career choices and personal skills to reach their objectives.

Career Services coordinates on and off-campus recruiting opportunities and hosts two comprehensive career fairs each fall and spring semester for students in all majors. Career Fair allows our students the opportunity to speak with multiple employers in one location about cooperative education (co-op), internships, and degreed positions. Attendees are required to dress professionally and bring copies of their resumes for distribution.

Cooperative Education and Internships

Cooperative Education and Internships provide a unique, structured educational experience that allows students to gain practical, professional work experience while completing degree requirements. Through the integration of classroom theory and professional practices, students increase their understanding of the work world.

The Cooperative Education program offers alternating and parallel options. Students working on an alternating schedule rotate semesters of full-time study with semesters of full-time work in their majors. Some students may complete continuous parallel (part-time work) assignments concurrently with a reduced class load. Cooperative Education work experiences are progressive in responsibilities, monitored by the University, and directly related to the students' academic and career goals. Students participating in Cooperative Education are required to register their Cooperative Education through the Career Center.

Internships are one semester, degree-related employment opportunities where students work one-on-one with professionals to gain practical experience in their field. Several academic programs on campus offer credit for internships; students should check with their academic advisor to learn about any credit-bearing internship opportunities within their program of study.

Charger Path

Charger Path is UAH’s exclusive comprehensive career management system and all newly enrolled students receive an account during their first week of classes. In this system, students update their profiles, upload their resumes and apply for positions including co-ops, internships, and professional degree opportunities. Through Charger Path, students receive career announcements, view upcoming workshops and information sessions, have access to on-campus recruiting schedules, and make appointments with the Career Center.