Between Auburn University and the University of Alabama System (UA, UAB, UAH)

In some designated programs, a student enrolled in either Auburn University or any campus of the University of Alabama System may register as a transient student at the other institution with the approval of both graduate deans, or their representatives, and the department or school in which the student wishes to take the courses. The amount of coursework that may be taken by a student under such an arrangement will be determined by the supervisory committee, with appropriate approvals at the other university. A student earning a master's degree at either institution must complete a majority of the required coursework at the institution granting the degree. For a course to be applicable for credit beyond the hours presently transferable toward a master's degree or beyond the master's, the course must be approved in advance by the student's major department and the graduate dean. The deans of the graduate schools will serve as liaison officers in arranging programs for which the additional hours may be transferred.

Between UAH and Alabama A&M University

A visiting student policy has been established between Alabama A&M University and UAH. Under this arrangement, a graduate student at one institution may request permission to attend a course at the other. Conditions governing the granting of permission include the following:

1. The student is in good graduate standing.

2. The course desired is unavailable to the student at the home institution.

3. A visiting student is limited to one graduate course a semester at the host institution except where the second course is a laboratory required to accompany the first course.

4. A visiting student must have prerequisites for the course.

5. The number of courses taken under this plan cannot exceed those allowed in the policy on transferred credit.

6. The student's request requires the approval of the advisor, department chair, and graduate dean.

7. Permission of the host institution is dependent upon the availability of space for the visitor after its own students are accommodated.

Interested students should contact the Office of the Registrar for appropriate forms.

Between UAH and The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

A collaborative program in engineering exists between UAH and UAB for the pursuit of doctoral degrees. A student at UAB may earn the doctoral degree at UAH with a major in electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering; while a UAH student may pursue the master's or the doctoral degree with a major in biomedical engineering at UAB. An interested student must first be admitted at the principal institution, i.e. the one offering the degree, but may take courses and satisfy the residency requirements at either campus. All degree requirements must be satisfied at the principal institution. More details are available through the participating departments.