Student Success Center (SSC) Programs

Tutoring & Writing

The Tutoring & Writing Program offers assistance in a variety of subjects through one-on-one tutoring and small group sessions. Tutors work with students not only on content, but also on study and learning strategies. Writing tutors are also available to help with the writing process for academic writing. Tutors attend training throughout the semester and work towards College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) certification.

To make an appointment and to see a current list of subjects offered for tutoring, visit the Tutoring & Writing Program website or call 256-824-2478.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Program provides academic support for students enrolled in specifically designated classes that are considered historically difficult. Students who have been successful in the class are hired to re-attend the class, along with currently enrolled students, and then facilitate group study sessions two to three times per week. PASS leaders are trained to work with students not only on content, but also on study and learning strategies. To find out more about the program, students can visit the PASS website or call 256-824-2478.

Peer Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaches specialize in the instruction of various academic skills including time management, test preparation, and test anxiety reduction. Any student who wishes to improve his or her academic performance is welcome to schedule a one-on-one session with a coach. During these sessions, the coach and student work together to identify academic strengths and obstacles, and to set up an action plan for achieving goals. Coaches attend training throughout the semester and work towards College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) certification. Students can make an appointment by visiting the Academic Coaching website or by calling 256-824-2478. Student organizations may contact to request a workshop or presentation.

Rising Scholars

Rising Scholars is a selective mentoring program for first-year students. Each Rising Scholar is matched with a mentor during his or her first semester at UAH. The program consists of seven individualized mentoring sessions, as well as optional group sessions. If you are interested in learning more about the Rising Scholars program, visit the website or contact

Exploratory Advising

Undergraduate students who want to take time to look at various options before making a final decision on a major can benefit from Exploratory Advising. Through structured conversation, students look at their interests and abilities as they could potentially relate to various fields of study.   

Exploratory Advising also offers the Strong Interest Inventory. This computer-based inventory is helpful in identifying students’ options and preferences based on their interests. Students receive a one hour interpretation with exploratory staff which can aide in making appropriate choices about their major.  

To find out more about Exploratory Advising, students are invited to visit the Exploratory Advising website or call 256-824-2478.

Academic Referrals

Charger 360 is the University’s academic referral and intervention program. Faculty members are encouraged to refer students who have excessive absences or who are experiencing academic challenges. Referred students are contacted by a member of the care team and encouraged to make an appointment with an academic coach or use other appropriate resources on campus. For more information, email, or call 256.824.6700.

College Academic Support Centers

College of Business Administration

The Office of Academic Assistance is located in the Business Administration Building, room 102. Advisement and tutoring arrangements may be scheduled by phone at 256.824.6024 or by email at

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering Student Affairs Office is located in the Engineering Building, room 157. The office offers comprehensive advising services and coordinates tutoring when requested. Phone 256.824.6877 for information.

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

The Liberal Arts Academic Advisor, Mr. Frank Bell, is located in Morton Hall 220. Liberal Arts students who have not filed a Program of Study must meet with Mr. Bell for schedule planning before registering. Call for an appointment at 256.824.2867 ( The college maintains a student computer lab in the Salmon Library. In addition, there is a Foreign Language Lab in MOR 300, a Sociology Library in MOR 344, and a Women's Studies Resource Center in MOR 254.

College of Nursing

The Office of Nursing Student Affairs is located in room 207 of the Nursing Building, and is directed by Ms. Laura Mann (256.824.6742, Nursing students should visit the office for advisement and other academic needs. The college also maintains a Learning Resource Center on the fourth floor of the Nursing Building, directed by Ms. Andrea Payne (256.824.6139,

College of Science

The Science Academic Advisors, Ms. Morgan Lewis (256.824.6605, and Ms. Jennifer Bradley ( are located in the Materials Science Building room 206C. Advising is provided for students until they declare a major, after which they are assigned to a departmental advisor. Each department in the College of Science provides its own student services, including tutoring. Information can be obtained in the departmental offices. There are, however, specialized support centers maintained by the college. They include:

Mathematics Learning Center

The Mathematics Learning Center (MLC), located on the second floor of the Salmon Library, is the center for computer assisted instruction in mathematics. MA 112 is taught in a computer assisted format, with a mixture of traditional lecture and individual work in the MLC. The MLC is open only to current MA 112 students. It opens approximately 40 hours per week and is staffed by mathematics faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and undergraduate student assistants with a math major.

Mathematics Tutoring Center

The Mathematics Tutoring Center provides tutoring in MA 107, MA 110, MA 113, MA 115, MA 120, MA 171, and MA 172. The tutoring center is conveniently located in the Shelby Center for Science and Technology where most of the mathematics courses are taught, and is staffed by graduate assistants. The hours of the tutoring center vary from semester to semester. For more information, please call the Mathematical Sciences Department at 256.824.6470, or visit our web site at

Mathematics Computer Laboratory

The Mathematics Computer Laboratory has approximately 20 computers equipped with a variety of mathematical software packages including Maple, MATLAB, and various tutorial programs. Located in the Applied Science Building, the Mathematics Computer Lab is open only to students enrolled in math courses, and a student ID is required in the Lab. It is open approximately 35 hours per week and is staffed by undergraduate student assistants. For more information, please call the Mathematical Sciences Department at 256.824.6470, or visit our website at

Calculus Workshop

The Calculus Workshop is provided for students in MA 171, MA 172, and MA 201. The workshop is designed to follow the schedule of these classes, providing additional practice for current topics as well as emphasizing the connections and relationships to past topics. Students work on problems that range from basic to challenging. The methods employed are varied, from whole group and guided practice to small group and individual work. The goal of the workshop is to help improve students' understanding of calculus concepts and improve problem-solving skills. Students who have attended the workshop in the past have consistently done better in their calculus classes than students who have not attended. For more information, please call the Mathematical Sciences Department at 256.824.6470, or visit our web site at

Physics Success Center

The Success Center exists to provide a central location (Optics Building 200) from which students in the physical sciences can seek guidance from experienced tutoring personnel free of charge. The center is supported by Physics Department faculty and provides supplementary class materials as well as on-gong tutoring.

Student Success Center (SSC)

Alan Constant, Director
151A M. Louis Salmon Library

The Student Success Center (SSC) provides a variety of student-centered programs that help students to be successful in their academic pursuits and professional goals. The SSC is located in M. Louis Salmon Library. To participate in any of our programs, visit the SSC website or call 256.824.2478.

Mission: The Student Success Center provides academic support that empowers students to realize their potential as self-directed learners and future professionals.

Vision: The Student Success Center aspires to provide innovative and effective programs that meet students’ needs from admission to graduation. The Center uses its resources strategically and proactively in ways that leverage our passion for student success, our expertise in learning and student development, our understanding of the student experience, and our commitment to delivering the highest-quality programs and services.