Students should be aware that course repeats, for any reason, may not be looked upon favorably by some employers and by professional schools, and hence they should avoid the need for repeats.

Students may repeat a course in order to achieve a passing grade or an improved understanding. Students may not repeat a course for which they have higher level credit. For example, a student cannot repeat MA 112 after he/she has credit for Calculus. For other courses, the course repeat policy is as follows. For the first five courses repeated, the original grade will not be calculated into the student's grade point average. Only courses for which the student has received a grade of C, D, or F may be repeated for this purpose. Each course repeat counts against the maximum of five that can replace the previous grade. For instance, a student may use all five repeats in a single course or in five separate courses or any combination of separate courses and multiple repeats of single courses. The transcript will show both the original grades and the course repeat grades, but only the grade points and semester hours earned in the repeated courses count toward graduation and are averaged into the student's GPA. After five course repeats, all other courses repeated at UAH will result in both the original grade and the course repeat grade being calculated into the student's GPA. This course repeat policy will automatically be applied unless the student files for an exemption in the Office of Student Records upon registration.