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The mission of the College of Professional and Continuing Studies is to increase student access, external partnerships, community outreach, and extended learning that leverage the University’s areas of expertise for the mutual benefit of the community and the institution.  


Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies
Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies

The Bachelor of Arts or Science in Professional Studies (BPS) is designed for adults who have prior college and/or work experience, but have yet to obtain a four-year degree.  The program offers a well-rounded education through an interdisciplinary curriculum with established concentrations areas that provide an alternative pathway for adults to complete a bachelor’s degree.  Concentration areas include Leadership Dynamics and Strategies; Organizational Studies; and Technology, Science and Society.

The College of Professional and Continuing Studies provides adult learners the opportunity to expand their knowledge base across an array of academic disciplines to meet professional and personal goals.  Graduates will learn how to communicate effectively, make informed decisions, and use analytical and critical thinking.


The University of Alabama in Huntsville has institutional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral degrees. 

Organizational Studies

Prepare for careers that involve finding solutions to human problems in organizations and communities. Coursework will focus on business (emphasis on management and information systems) and humanities/social sciences (emphasis on communications, philosophy, political science, psychology, education, and/or sociology). The curriculum will include organizational theory and behavior, professional ethics, management, information systems, individual and group dynamics, and communication skills. Students will acquire an understanding of human behavior in groups, organizations, and larger systems.

Leadership Strategies and Dynamics

Develop an understanding of foundational leadership theory in your chosen context. Focus on the nature of leadership in a variety of settings and prepare for leadership responsibility in the community and in your selected profession. Coursework will focus on business (emphasis on leadership and management) and social sciences/humanities (emphasis on communications, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, and/or sociology). Courses will provide an educational experience in theories of motivation, leadership styles, organizational and group behavior, professional ethics, communication, theories of cultural difference and multicultural communication, human resources, and/or budgeting.

Technology, Science, and Society

Integrate the study of science, engineering and/or technology with its social and cultural impact on humanity. Focus on developing a broad understanding of the technical, historical and social dimensions of science and technology. Curriculum options include engineering, the natural sciences, computer science, information sciences, business, the social sciences, and/or humanities. The curriculum provides an interdisciplinary approach to explore the significance, challenges and effects that science and technology present to society. Courses allow students to incorporate technical scientific knowledge with analytical thinking from a social perspective.


Semester Hours: 3

This course presents an overview of five foundational learning theories and related research in adult education and development. The conceptual framework is centered on discovering what motivates the adult learner and the impact social perspectives have on adult learning through analysis and discussion. Students will define competencies needed for success in academic study and professional leadership, in setting educational goals, and in planning a learning experience to achieve them. Emphasis is placed on issues unique to adult re-entry students and the university services available to support nontraditional students.


Semester Hours: 3

Students will learn academic writing skills by engaging in the process of academic inquiry and argument. The course will cover a broad perspective of writing by exploring various writing and research styles used through different academic professions. Prerequisites: EH 102 or EH 105.


Semester Hours: 3

Interdisciplinary studies fosters foundational knowledge acquisition by which individuals draw on multiple disciplinary perspectives and integrate their insights and modes of thinking to advance the studies and the fundamental development of critical and analytical thinking skills. Complex issues are addressed from multi-facted perspectives that stimulate problem solving, problem defining and problem posing. Emphasis is placed on how to synthesize evidence drawn from multiple sources as a basis for informed decision-making.


Semester Hours: 3

Interdisciplinary research is a contempoary decision-making process for transcending the scope of a single discipline or program to develop insights thta offer bold advances in knowledge, solutions to urgent societal problems, an edge in technological innovations, and a more integrative knowledge of multidisciplinary theories and concepts. This course introduces the primary drivers for interdisciplinary research and examines the interdisciplinary research process. Students will apply an integrated model for conducting research thta draws on multiple disciplines.


Semester Hours: 3

Inquiry-based learning accelerates understanding, fosters critical thinking skills, and facilitates self-direction and discovery. Using this method, students will identify an interdisciplinary problem related to their approved concentration area, perform the foundational research, and formulate a research proposal. This is the first of a two-semester progression to complete a Capstone research thesis/project in PRO 499.


Semester Hours: 3

Students majoring in Professional Studies are required to complete a senior research thesis in their approved interdisciplinary conceentration. This Capstone course requires the student to demonstrte his/her ability to integrate the core knowledge and skills gained in their interdisciplinary areas of study using inquiry-based learning methods. Research is conducted and a thesis-style paper is written and orally presented.

Non-Degree Programs

In addition to our bachelor’s program, UAH College of Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS) is committed to meeting the diverse needs of organizations, agencies, and individuals through selected non-credit and credit programs that are timely, relevant, and in accordance with the strategic directions of the University.  Our other departments provide access to quality education and training for individuals; partners with businesses and government for workforce development; enhances public awareness of the instructional and research strengths of the University; promotes lifelong learning fostering continued growth, human fulfillment, and positive social change; and supports economic development throughout North Alabama.  This objective is carried out through the following programming departments: Professional Development Solutions, Conferences and Special Programs, and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.  For more information about any of the PCS programs please visit

PCS Registration Services

103 Wilson Hall
Telephone: (256) 824-6010 or 800-448-4031
FAX: (256) 824-6760
Kathy Hosch, Senior Associate Director

UAH Division of Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS) Registration Office provides registration services for non-credit programs and select credit courses.  Registration options include online, phone, fax, or in person.  There is no formal application process for non-credit courses and enrollments are taken throughout the year.  Transcripts for continuing education units (CEUs) are available upon written request for a $5 fee per transcript. Visit for a full listing of programs, policies, and registration information. 

Professional Development Solutions

136 Wilson Hall
Telephone: (256) 824-6372
Lane Fabby, Director


The Department of Professional Development Solutions develops and presents professional training and educational activities in areas including management, engineering, and information technology. Programs are designed to allow a student the choice of attending individual courses of interest or completing a more structured certificate program leading to a Certificate of Professional Achievement. Courses are offered in both daytime and evening formats, weeklong formats, and through distance learning to help accommodate the diverse scheduling needs of students. Students are offered an atmosphere conducive for meeting their professional training needs. PCS maintains state-of-the-art computer labs and classrooms, and its instructors are known and respected industry practitioners and researchers in their respective fields. Programs and examination review seminars include:


Communications                                                    Supply Chain
Earned Value Management                                   Federal Contract Management
Engineering Management                                     Federal Proposal Management
Federal Government Cost Accounting                 International Business
Interior Design                                                       Project Management
Management and Leadership


Aegis Combat Systems                                         Aerospace and Flight Systems
Composites                                                           Missiles and Subsystems
Modeling and Simulation                                      Propulsion
Engineering Tools and Techniques                       Radar and Sensor Applications
Test and Evaluation                                               Systems Engineering

Information Technology

Mobile Application Development                                Operating Systems
Cyber Security and DoD 8570 Certification Prep        Oracle
Digital Design and Development                                 C++ Developer
Microsoft Office                                                           Java Developer
Quickbooks                                                                  Microsoft.Net

Online Learning

Professional Development offers engineering and management certificate programs and courses in convenient online audio/video delivery. Online courses are available on demand allowing individuals to register and participate through self-paced study anytime, anywhere. Participants receive the full lecture, PowerPoint slides, case studies, and supplemental materials. Instructors and technical support provide personalized assistance throughout the course. Online and classroom learning courses are similar and are considered equivalent facilitating formats being combined to complete a certificate program. All online courses are available on Windows and MAC computers as well as iOS and Android devices.

Customized Training

UAH's customized training solutions offer organizations ways to seize new opportunities and systematically address key problems. Professional Development specialists work directly with corporate, government, and professional organizations to develop high quality certificate programs and short courses that meet specific training goals. These programs can be offered on site, on campus, or via distance learning. Through targeted learning experiences, the individual or team can bring new tools and competencies back into the organization, providing an immediate on-the-job impact.

Conferences and Special Programs

The University of Alabama in Huntsville hosts and cohosts various conferences, symposiums, and special programs throughout the year.  Recent topics covered in these sessions include engineering, education, information technology, and leadership.  Visit our website for a full listing of what is in store. 

Conferences and Special Programs Hosted in 2016

  • 14th Annual Conference on Systems Engineering Research
  • UA Systems Scholars Institute 2016
  • 8th Annual National Cyber Security Summit
  • Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
  • Space Orientation for Educators

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

113 Wilson Hall
Telephone: (256) 824-6959
Maxine Doherty, Outreach Manager


The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) and the College of Professional and Continuing Studies partner to provide lifelong learning courses and enrichment activities designed to fulfill the educational needs of adults 50 and above. OLLI at UAH is a member-led, non-profit, volunteer-based organization that advances the educational, cultural, and social interests of its members by sponsoring short courses, socials, speaker series, industrial tours, and travel tips designed to fit the interests and needs of its members. PCS supports OLLI's efforts by providing support services and a safe, comfortable, and intellectually stimulating on-campus environment that supports adult lifelong learning and enhances community outreach.


Curriculum includes a wide range of courses:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Computers
  • Current Events
  • Finance and Economics
  • Foreign Languages
  • Genealogy
  • Health and Fitness
  • History, Civics, and Religion
  • Literature and Writing
  • Science and Math

Courses are offered during fall, winter, spring, and summer. Most meet 1.5 hours per class, once a week, for six to eight weeks. OLLI courses are taught by qualified volunteer instructors. Courses are not graded, and no tests are administered.