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Merge your academic interests and your passion for the creative arts with a degree in theatre from UAH! We have three areas of specialization: Performance, Technical, Dramaturgy. Each is designed to prepare you for a smooth transition into the world of professional theatre – something our successful, active theatre alumni can attest to!

Whether you choose to focus solely on theatre or combine it with a second major, you'll enjoy all the benefits that our dynamic Theatre Program has to offer, including:

  • Personalized attention, thanks to our low student-to-faculty ratio and our nurturing, progressive environment
  • Hands-on learning, whether it's performing in a mainstage production or interning with a professional theatre company
  • Networking opportunities, as a result of the strong relationships UAH Theatre has with community partners
  • Extracurricular activities, like participating in improv and reader's theatre and attending local and regional festivals

But most important of all, your theatre degree will help you master the skills that employers value most, from public speaking and problem solving to creative thinking and collaboration. The end result is a diverse, well-rounded educational foundation that will give you a competitive edge no matter what career path you choose to pursue.

The department of Theatre offers the following degree programs:


Semester Hours: 3

This course will provide students with the basic knowledge of stage construction, its practices, and implementation. Addtional hands-on experience will be gained by working outside of class hours in the scene shop assisting in the construction and installation of main-stage productions.


Semester Hours: 3

Introductory survey of theater art focusing on understanding performance components and genres. Satisfies fine arts elective. Offered every term.


Semester Hours: 3

This course is a hands-on look into script analysis, using plays from the western theatre canon, some of which will be produced by UAH Theatre during the school year. There will be individual and group work in script analysis, culminating in a full script analysis project at the end of the semester.


Semester Hours: 3

This course explores the foundations of acting through an understaning of basic techniques including scene study, script analysis, improvisation, and physical and vocal work. Offered every semester.


Semester Hours: 3

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to explore the design components of theatre including scenery, costumes, lighting and sound through class projects and practical application. Offered every Spring. Prerequisite: TH 122 or CM 122 or permission of instructor.


Semester Hours: 3

Explores the development of theater art from its orgins to French neoclassicism and Moliere with particular emphasis on the Greeks, Shakespeare, and his contemporaries. Offered ever two years.


Semester Hours: 3

Explores the development of theatre art from its origins as rituals around the world to French neoclassicism and Moliere with particular emphasis on the Greeks, Shakespeare, and his contemporaries. Offered every two years.


Semester Hours: 3

This course concerns the role of the Stage Manager in theatrical productions. It focuses on the stage manager's duties, responsibilities, and procedures from pre-production to post-production. It explores the functions of various members of the production team and how the stage manager's interaction with each member of this team varies. It considers the role of the stage manager as the hub of communication for a production. Prerequsites: TH 122 and TH 225.


Semester Hours: 3

Topics announced in advance. Representative topics include playwriting, directing, and ancient Greek theatre. May be repeated twice for credit.


Semester Hours: 3

This class introduces students to the many facets, both artistic and engineering-based, of scene design for the theatre including: history, research, design, stage, direction, technical direction, scenic art and props. Prerequisites: TH 100 and TH 225.


Semester Hours: 3

This course offers an exploration of the sound design process for the theatre. Script analysis and creating a design concept will underline the structure of the course. The students will have the opportunity to use a DAW (digital audio workstation) and various computer software programs including QLab. The course includes an overview of digital audio data structures, "plug-ins", processing, equalization and standard solutions for interfacing external devices with a computer. The students will participate in two productions and gain valuable hands-on experience. There will be an emphasis on the creative possibilities of sound design for the theatre and multimedia. Prerequisites: TH 225.


Semester Hours: 3

This course is designed to help students develop the skills required to coach and direct student actors, focusing on best practices in teaching the fundamentals of directing, including various assessment rubrics and adapting activities to different age groups. The course emphasizes learning by doing. Prerequisite: TH 221.


Semester Hours: 1-3

This course provides students with an opportunity to experience the complete process of theatere including such elements as: direction, acting, design, tech and management. The class will produce two full length plays. Students will be auditioned to determine role in each production. Some will serve critical production roles such as design, direction, and management while others will act in one or both productions. In certain instances, a student actor may appear in both plays. Offered every semester.


Semester Hours: 3

In this course, students will develop their skills in theatrical directing and production using script analysis, visual composition, design, and communication. Students will complete hands-on directing scene projects, supplemented with written analysis, dramaturgical research, and design images. Prerequisites: TH 105, and TH 322 or TH 323.


Semester Hours: 3

This course explores the current state of the entertainment industry's job market. Students from design, performance, video production, and dramaturgy build and refine the materials they will need to be employed within the entertainment industry. Prerequisites: TH 421, or TH 390, or TH 355, or TH 322 & TH 323.

(Date refers to original appointment to the university.)

Guerin, Amy, Assistant Professor, Theatre, 2016, MFA, University of Houston.

Harwell, David, Associate Professor, Theatre, 2005, MFA, University of Illinois.

Thomas, Chad, Associate Professor, Theatre, 2011, PhD, University of Michigan.