Semester Hours: 3

Metric spaces, continuous functions, compactness, connectedness, completeness, Arzela-Ascoli theorem, Stone-Weierstrass theorem, Hilbert spaces, contraction mappings, applications to existence and uniqueness of solutions of differential and integral equations. Prerequisites: MA 502.

Mathematical Sciences

...should be numbered 609 or above. MA 538 and MA 544 should be included in...

Mathematical Sciences, MA

The Master of Arts is conferred under Plan I (thesis) or Plan II (non-thesis). Students should explore with their faculty advisor which plan is better for their particular objectives. For the M.S. degree, a Program of Study must include a minor area in the College of Engineering or the College of Science. All minors must be outside of the department and must include at least six semester hours of approved graduate coursework. Master’s programs that include a thesis (Plan I) require at least 18 semester hours of graduate coursework in mathematics and at least 24 semester hours of total graduate coursework, and programs without a thesis (Plan II) require at least 33 semester hours of graduate coursework and at least 24 semester hours of these should be in mathematics. At least 50 percent of the coursework semester hours must be completed in courses numbered 609 or above. MA 538 and MA 544 should be included in every Program of Study.